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Customer Loyalty and Habit Research

This research stream deals with two key drivers of customer repeat purchase: attitudinal loyalty and habit. Using customer data from a variety of industries, I attempt to understand the relative role of loyalty and habit, and how firms can use effective marketing programs such as reward programs to foster customer loyalty and build strong habit.

Selected Publications on Customer Loyalty and Habit

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Liu-Thompkins, Yuping and Leona Tam (2013), "Not All Repeat Customers Are the Same: Effects of Attitudinal Loyalty and Habit ," Journal of Marketing, 77 (5), 21-36.

Liu, Yuping and Rong Yang (2009), "Competing Loyalty Programs: Impact of Market Saturation, Market Share, and Category Expandability ," Journal of Marketing, Vol. 73 (1), 109-121.

Liu, Yuping (2007), "The Long-Term Impact of Loyalty Programs on Consumer Purchase Behavior and Loyalty ," Journal of Marketing, 71 (4), 19-35.